Alexa Digital Assistant And Echo Smart Speaker Updated

Recently, Amazon has updated the Alexa digital assistant as well as the Echo smart speaker. The company will now let its powered software narrate Kindle books aloud through the Echo. Now, you can start a narration saying”Alexa read” (Kindle book title)” and the software will launch into reading, although in a robotic tone, compared to the standard audiobook narrator. This feature is completely free to use with any Kindle book available in your library.
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The company informs us that the software will keep track of the last book that you were reading, hence allowing you to simply start a narration by saying, "Alexa, read my Kindle book." Alex will also respond to commands such as "pause," "go forward," and "resume reading. “ However, unlike the Amazon Audible service, you will not be able to specifically jump to a certain chapter in your Kindle book.
Amazon has come up with this new and unique way to make Echo and Alexa more handy, going beyond its ability to answer basic internet queries and play music. It seems that this new update is a part of a broader initiative to establish Alexa as a go-to partner for the smart home industry, and this recent update has made an Alexa integration for Vivint smart home products such as smart locks and security systems.

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