All New Rumored Features of Upcoming Apple iPhone7

Are you excited about Apple’s brand new iPhone7, set to be launched this September? Well! You should be. Apple always amazes its customers with cutting-edge features and the latest technological upgrades that make an Apple device unique. This time also, the internet is whispering about the mind-blowing features that Apple’s iPhone7 is going to offer to the users. Nothing is concrete yet, but following are the seven best features that iPhone7 is most likely to contain:

Two Versions

Just like the iPhone6, the new iPhone7 is expected to be launched in two versions, iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus. Both versions will have respectively the same display size of iPhone6 models, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches, although it might be a 3D touch display with bumped up screen resolution.

More MPs to the Camera

One of the best features of Apple’s iPhone devices is the quality of their cameras. It is whispered that more Mega Pixels will be added to the iPhone7 cameras. While the iPhone7 will come with a 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front, the iPhone7 Plus might exceed this to 16 MP and 8 MP. Again, a mega rumor dictates that there will be two rear cameras in the iPhone7 with dual camera sensors processing the images as one, exactly like human eyes.

Headphone Jack Eliminated

Okay! This news is a shock to all the users. But, if it is true, you will find the Apple’s new earpods bundled with iPhone7 devices along with its charger for free. Are we joking? No.

Faster Processing and High Memory

That’s right. iPhone7 is expected to come with 2GB memory while iPhone7 plus might have it doubled up to 4GB of RAM. Apple A10 processor will be powering the devices. However, the clock speed might differ in both the variants of iPhone7.

Enhanced Battery with Fast Charging

The market is full of rumors that iPhone7 will have a 3000 mAh battery while the Plus version might have 4000 mAh. These batteries are expected to be slow-draining and superfast charging to enhance the user experience everyone expects from an Apple device.

Expended Storage

32 GB is going to be the new lowest storage for the iPhone7 devices. Yes, the minimum storage is rumored to be 32 GB in any of the iPhone7 variants. Not only this, if we believe the whispers, there will be a 256 GB version also for business uses.

Improved Operating System

The newest improved version of iOS 10 is said to be the software behind operating all the hardware and internal operations in the iPhone7 devices. A smarter virtual keyboard that will offer more accurate and intelligent suggestions, improved photo app, and other improved applications are expected from this new Apple device hitting the market soon.


As always, Apple is secretive about the features of its upcoming smart phones but the market is full of hot new whispers, every day. We don’t know for sure what features the iPhone7 is going to offer, but we can imagine what a wonderful device it would make if all the rumors are true. Well! Keep your fingers crossed and hope for best.