Amazon Announces IoT Focused Cloud Offerings - FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Analytics, Cloud9

In the ongoing AWS re:Invent 2017, Amazon has launched a number of new services to cater to the consumers from all walks of technology, covering the whole service spectrum it offers. Seems like the company is now more focused on delivering cloud solutions to all the consumer problems. This is why they have launched some cool yet high-end products/services – FreeRTOS, AWS IoT Analytics, Cloud9

Amazon FreeRTOS, as defined by Amazon“is an IoT microcontroller operating system that simplifies development, security, deployment, and maintenance of microcontroller-based edge devices. Amazon FreeRTOS extends the FreeRTOS kernel, a popular real-time operating system, with libraries that enable local and cloud connectivity, security, and (coming soon) over-the-air updates.”

So, FreeRTOS is a free real-time operating system that can easily connect your device to the cloud with predefined software configuration. The company boasts that the Amazon FreeRTOS is great because it makes it easy to develop common IoT capabilities for Low-Power connected devices, offers high security while connecting to and working on cloud, provides ability to directly connect to AWS Cloud using AWS Greengrass service, and allows the users to choose the software configuration and hardware from a variety of qualified chipsets, such as - Texas Instruments, Microchip, NXP Semiconductors, and STMicroelectronics.


More details of Amazon FreeRTOS can be found at the FreeRTOS page. 

AWS IoT Analytics is another offering from Amazon, that, as per the official announcement“is a fully managed service of AWS IoT that provides advanced data analysis of data collected from your IoT devices. With the AWS IoT Analytics service, you can process messages, gather and store large amounts of device data, as well as, query your data. Also, the new AWS IoT Analytics service feature integrates with Amazon Quicksight for visualization of your data and brings the power of machine learning through integration with Jupyter Notebooks.”

The AWS IoT Analytics will help the users to perform a predictive analysis of data on the basis of pre-built analytical functions; to clean up the data using pre-installed tools; to visualize the output of the analysis in a meaningful form; and, to identify the data patterns.

More details of IoT Analytics can be found at the IoT Analytics page. 

Another amazing tool for developers that the company has announced is AWS Cloud9. Yes, the company has relaunched its cloud-based IDE again but with more functionality added. Amazon describes it as, "an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for writing, running, and debugging code, all from your web browser. Cloud9 comes pre-packaged with essential tools for many popular programming languages (JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.) so you don’t have to tinker with installing various compilers and toolchains. Cloud9 also provides a seamless experience for working with serverless applications allowing you to quickly switch between local and remote testing or debugging."


AWS Cloud9 IDE is based on IDE that the company acquired last year and a famous open source editor named Ace Editor. The details of the Cloud9 features and functionality can be found on the official announcement page.

Along with these three, other services offered by Amazon are IoT 1-click that extends the ability to create Lambda Triggers, AWS IoT Device Management, AWS IoT Device Defender, and AWS Greengrass ML Inference.

Well, it looks like Amazon has caught the nerve pulse of the current trends and has worked its ass off to come up with such amazing services that deal with the problems of modern-day developments.


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