Amazon Brings Alexa Print

Alexa Print is Alexa-enabled printing feature that allows Echo device owners to use voice commands to print out documents.

Recently, Amazon launched a new Alexa-enabled printing feature that allows Echo device owners use voice commands to print out common items. Users can print documents like Alexa to-do lists, recipes, weekly calendars, etc.
Source: Amazon
In order to print with Alexa, you must connect your printer to the same wireless network as your Alexa device. First users will need to connect their printer to Alexa. Simply say 'Alexa, discover my printer', or navigate to the Devices screen in the Alexa App, select “+”, select “Add Device”, and choose “Printer” as the device type.
Alexa-enabled printing feature works with any second-generation Echo device or newer and a number of IPP-enabled compatible printers. If you want to check that if your printer works with the feature, you can do by saying "Alexa, discover my printer.".
The feature also gives you Low Supply Notifications and Smart Reorders option. Alexa receives information about your ink or toner supply levels when you connect your printer to Alexa and reminds you via email or voice, when your supplies level is low.
If you choose to set up Smart Reorders, Alexa can help automatically order ink or toner from Amazon at a 10% discount before you even know your supplies are running low.
For additional details, you can visit Amazon