Amazon CodeGuru Is Now Generally Available

Powered by machine learning, Amazon CodeGuru provides intelligent recommendations for improving code quality and recognizing "an applications’ most expensive lines of code".

Amazon announced the general availability of Amazon CodeGuru, which is a developer tool powered by ML that helps you improve your applications and troubleshoot issues with automated code reviews and performance recommendations based on runtime data.
Amazon said that during the last few months the company has made many improvements to the preview of Amazon CodeGuru, which was launched last year. These include a more cost-effective pricing model, the ability to start the profiling agent using a command-line switch, and support for Bitbucket repositories. Now you will not need to modify the code of your application, or add dependencies, to run the agent
This release adds many new features to CodeGuru. CodeGuru Reviewer now also includes support for Github Enterprise and new types of recommendations to solve defects and improve your code.
New capabilities in CodeGuru Profiler include Anomaly detection, Anomaly detection, Cost of issues in the recommendation report, Color-my-code, and CloudWatch metrics and alerts.
Amazon CodeGuru now allows you to scan your pull requests and get recommendations against your source code on Github Enterprise on-premises repositories. You will also get the report on what’s causing the issue and how to remediate it.
The latest release automatically detects anomalies in the application profile for those methods that represent the highest proportion of CPU time or latency.
CodeGuru Profiler now allows you to profile AWS Lambda functions similar to applications hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and containerized applications running on Amazon ECS and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, including those using AWS Fargate.