Amazon Fire TV Comes With Alexa Voice Assistance And Streams 4K Video

The new Fire TV launched by Amazon is now all set to be a part of your home studio. The Amazon Fire TV comes with a voice remote and 4K ultra HD steaming. Surely, Amazon is now ready to compete with Apple TV. Apple introduced the fourth generation Apple TV on September 9.
Amazon Fire TV is a simple black box, with a few ports at the back, and Amazon logo on top. It has a slot for microSD card, which would support up to 128GB card. It also has an onboard storage of 8GB, Bluetooth connection, Dolby Audio and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Amazon Fire Tv 
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The ports at the back consist of, power jack, HDMI ports, microSD card slot, USB port and Ethernet jack. If you pair your device with a Bluetooth headphone, you will be able to get Dolby surrounding sound. However, it is the 4K steaming videos, which is the actual attraction of this device. You will now be able see videos in high definition.
The company has also announced an entirely new TV gaming edition, on this new Amazon Fire TV. Shovel Knight and Disney’s Ducktales has been pre installed in this device. The gaming controller also comes with voice control, and search, which is quite similar to its previous Fire Tv remote. It also has 90 hours of battery life.