Amazon Forecast Is Now Generally Available

Without any expertise in machine learning, Amazon Forecast can be easily used to deliver highly accurate forecasts.

Recently, Amazon announced the general availability of Amazon Forecast, which is a fully managed service from Amazon that requires no experience in machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts.
As per Amazon AWS, Amazon Forecast automatically discovers how variables like product features, seasonality and store locations affect each other and makes predictions that are about 50 percent more accurate than traditional forecasting methods. The service automatically sets up a data pipeline, ingests data, trains a model and then provides accuracy metrics and performs forecasts.
Source: Amazon 
Swami Sivasubramanian, VP, Amazon Machine Learning. said, "Amazon Forecast now offers the forecasting expertise from Amazon’s first 25 years of building the world’s largest ecommerce business in a managed service for any company to leverage," 
Developers can avail Amazon Forecast via the console, the AWS CLI and the AWS SDKs. Amazon Forecast can be used within a Jupyter notebook with the AWS SDK for Python to create a new predictor, or via the AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser to get predictions from within a web or mobile app.