Amazon launches its new prices for annual subscription of its 90 products

Amazon has recently launched an annual subscription prices for 90 products from software vendors currently selling their wares on Amazon’s marketplace for AWS developers and enterprises. The venders that have launched the annual pricing include:
  • Alert Logic,
  • Barracuda,
  • Citrix,
  • Fortinet,
  • MicroStrategy,
  • Progress Software,
  • Riverbed,
  • Sophos,
  • Tenable, and
  • Vormetric
Currently, AWS customers are paying on hourly basis but now with this new launch they can convert it to an annual subscription without restarting or re-launching the application. This new subscription can offer 10 and 40 percent savings; actual savings will depend on the usage of the software. The consumer will be charged at an hourly basis once the subscription is expired.