Amazon MSK Is Now Generally Available

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka ( Amazon MSK ) is now generally available with added features.

Recently, Amazon announced the general availability of Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka ( Amazon MSK ).
MSK is a fully managed service that simplifies building and running applications that use Apache Kafka to process streaming data. It enables you to create a cluster in minutes, claims the company.
Apache Kafka is a platform that helps users to capture streaming data such as click stream events, transactions, IoT events, application and machine logs. Kafka is used as a streaming data store to decouple applications producing streaming data (producers) from those consuming streaming data (consumers).
Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka takes care of managing tasks and makes it quite easy to set up and run Kafka, along with Apache ZooKeeper, with best practices for high availability and security.
The MSK clusters always run within an Amazon VPC managed by the MSK service. One's MSK resources are made available to his own VPC, subnet, and security group through elastic network interfaces (ENIs) which will appear in his account.
Source: Amazon 
MSK continuously monitors server health and automatically replaces servers in cases of failure. It automates server patching, and operates highly available ZooKeeper nodes. MSK is fully compatible with Kafka versions 1.1.1 and 2.1.0.
Since its open preview, Amazon MSK has added many new features:
  • Encryption in-transit via TLS between clients and brokers, and between brokers
  • Mutual TLS authentication using ACM private certificate authorities
  • Support for Kafka version 2.1.0
  • 99.9% availability SLA
  • HIPAA eligible
  • Cluster-wide storage scale up
  • Integration with AWS CloudTrail for MSK API logging
  • Cluster tagging and tag-based IAM policy application
  • Defining custom, cluster-wide configurations for topics and brokers
  • AWS CloudFormation support is coming in the next few weeks.
Pricing for MSK is per Kafka broker hour and per provisioned storage hour. You will not be charged for Zookeeper nodes used by your clusters. AWS data transfer rates will apply for data transfer in and out of MSK but there is no fee for data transfer within the cluster in a region.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.