Amazon Releases Alexa Conversations Beta

Alexa Conversations helps developers create more natural-feeling Alexa skills with fewer lines of code.

Amazon announced Alexa Conversations beta, which the company says will help you create more natural-feeling Alexa skills with fewer lines of code.
Amazon said that Alexa Conversations is a new AI-driven approach to dialog management that allows developers create skills that customers can interact with in a natural, less constrained way. Customers can now make use of the phrases they prefer, in the order they prefer.
The solution helps customers experience natural conversations with less development effort, freeing developers to focus on creating a quality experience instead of on flowcharts.
The feature is currently available in the en_US locale. You can visit the Alexa Developer console to start building with Alexa Conversations. Also, there is a Alexa Skills Challenge that you can contest to compete for $100,000 in cash prizes.
Source: Amazon
Alexa Conversations makes use of AI to bridge the gap between what developers can build manually and the wide variety of possible conversations. Developers just need to provide a few sample dialogs showing their ideal dialog paths and templates for the APIs they'll need called, and AI extrapolates the spectrum of phrasing variations and dialog paths for you.
"Our upcoming Alexa Conversations powered-skill will enable our users to even more naturally schedule their robot to clean, like simply asking to clean the kitchen and dining room every weekday at 8 a.m. We know our customers will love new voice experiences like this." said Chris Jones, CTO at iRobot.