Amazon Releases EC2 Bare Metal Instances In Public Preview

Amazon has now started offering its AWS customers direct access to the hardware. Today, the company has launched a public preview of i3.metal instance that will allow the users to directly access the hardware, such as – RAM, processor, and other hardware, in their application without losing the benefits of the cloud.

The following are the specifications – 


Launched publicly today, the EC2 metal instances were first offered to the AWS’ client VMware which wanted to run their virtualization stack directly on the hardware and asked the company to provide the bare metal instances. AWS boasts of its openness and claims that whatever service they offer to one of its customers, they make that available to all. This is why the EC2 bare metal instances are made publicly available from today.

In the official announcement, the company ensures,

“Bare Metal instances are full-fledged members of the EC2 family and can take advantage of Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Auto Recovery, and so forth. They can also access the full suite of AWS database, IoT, mobile, analytics, artificial intelligence, and security services.

You can now bring your specialized applications or your own stack of virtualized components to AWS and run them on Bare Metal instances. If you are using or thinking about using containers, these instances make a great host for CoreOS.”

The AWS EC2 Bare Metal instances are in public preview and you can sign up here to try them out.


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