Amazon WorkSpaces Now Available In Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

A fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service solution - Amazon WorkSpaces - allows you to provision virtual, cloud-based Windows and Linux desktops for your users.

Recently, AWS announces the General Availablity of Amazon WorkSpaces in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region. 

WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service solution that runs on AWS. With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can provision virtual, cloud-based Windows and Linux desktops for your users, providing them with access to the applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device. 

Source: AWS

Well, Mumbai is the 14th region for Amazon WorkSpaces. Customers in the Mumbai Region can also leverage WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP); which is a new, cloud-native streaming protocol that enables a consistent user experience even on unreliable networks. When you run into networks with high packet loss or unstable at-home or office networks, WSP might be able to help. 

WorkSpaces’ expansion enables clients to better meet data sovereignty requirements without the cost and complexity of building on-premises VDI. AWS said that for a limited time, the company is offering an expanded Free Tier for up to 54 users at zero charges for new WorkSpaces customers. This offer is available through July 31, 2021. 

"For companies that provide services such as customer support, development, or back-office services like accounting or IT support, using Amazon WorkSpaces in Mumbai can enable a more reliable way of giving users a persistent desktop while helping to reduce the risk of data leakage, by using the closest possible AWS Region." wrote AWS.