Amazon’s AWS Managed Services Now Available

Public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Service (AWS) has announced the launch of AWS Managed Services. This is an all-new service which has been specifically designed in order to help a certain kind of large company who would like to take advantage of the public cloud. AWS has already announced this at their re: Invent conference, however announcing it once again means that the company wants to ensure that everyone knows about it along with the other new things.
The company states,
“Today we are launching AWS Managed Services. Designed for the Fortune 1000 and the Global 2000, this service is designed to accelerate cloud adoption. It simplifies deployment, migration, and management using automation and machine learning, backed up by a dedicated team of Amazon employees.
AWS MS builds on AWS and provides a set of integration points (APIs and a set of CLI tools) for connection to your existing service management system. We’ve been working with a representative set of AWS enterprise customers and partners for the last couple of years in order to make sure that this service meets a very wide range of enterprise requirements.”
AWS Managed Services might be a great fit, as it abstract some of the existing tools for AWS management as well as monitoring, and it also relies on AWS staffers so as to handle the complex work.
For more information, check the official blog.

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