Amazon's new music technology

Lala, Amazon's digital music device, was a pioneered a new concept of storing music with a cloud-based locker.  What was so great about Lala was that it could be accessed from any computer without technically "sharing music".  Apple purchased Lala is 2009 and then promptly shut down its cloud-based locker.

Amazon is fighting back with launch of its Cloud Drive storage and Cloud Player.  Now, once again, everyone can store their music and access it on any computer thanks to Cloud technology.  Some consider this to be Amazon's perfect revenge on Apple.  Others don't think that using this service is convenient for the on-the-go who can't “run or bike and be logged on" to Amazon.

Many members of the music industry are fighting to end this technology because they feel it violates the license agreement for digital downloads.  Amazon did a lot of research and is ready to take on this battle.  You have to be logged in to listen to your own music and it can only be access for personal (not commercial) use.

I am curious to see how this battle continues.  Only time will tell if Amazon's use of cloud technology will truly create a rival for Apple.