Android 11 Preview 2 Is Available Now

Recently, Google released the second developer preview of its upcoming operating system - Android 11 Preview 2.
This preview is meant for developers only and includes a 5G state API to enable you quickly check whether the user is currently on a 5G radio or non-standalone network.
Other key new experiences of the release include hinge angles for foldables, call screening service enhancements, and new controls in the Neural Networks API.
In regards of Privacy and security new added features include foreground service types for cameras and microphones and scoped storage updates to better protect apps and user data located on external storage.
"With Developer Preview 2, we’re well into the release and getting closer to Beta. so now is the time to start your compatibility testing and identify any work you’ll need to do." wrote the company.
Source: Google 
Google said that in Android 11 it has added new processes, tools, and release milestones to minimize the impact of platform updates and make them easier for developers.