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Android 9 Pie Released

Google just came out with a new version of Android named Pie for smartphones.

P is for Pie!
Google just came out with the new full-fledged version of Android. Previously known as Android P is named Android Pie. The initial release is for smartphones. Packed with interesting updates and brand new features like gesture navigation to the adaptive battery, Pie is a rather promising and exciting update.
 Source: Android
“Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence" and giving you “more from your phone”, reportedly, this version is better rounded off with bigger changes than ever seen in the way it looks and works. Android 9 Pie is said to be more colourful and have better movement animations. As a plus, the updates don’t interfere in its speed, being as fast as Android Oreo.
The new version provides the users with a IEEE 802.11 mc Wi-Fi protocol or Wi-Fi (RTT) that helps the users have indoor positioning for their apps and new display cut-out support. It also involves enhancements to the notifications with API level 28 and above like displaying images in messaging notifications, saving replies when the user closes the messaging notification and more. There are multi-camera support and camera updates. Additionally, advancements are made in the channel settings, broadcasts, do not disturb mode, the general privacy, security and much more.
Android 9 Pie is a free update and should be available for most of all the eligible devices soon. It is merely a few clicks away for most of the recent Google Pixel smartphones but users with smartphones from other manufacturers might have to wait a little longer for them to deliver the update.
You can read the full announcement here. This new version of the most popular operating system has brought a whole lot of new features for developers also. If you are an Android developer and wondering what's there for you, do visit the official blog.
Furthermore, you can learn about your device’s compatibility and the process of migrating the application to Android 9 from here.
Well, Google keeps moving with new updates and lets the developers surprised and excited. You might like to follow the Android section to learn Android development from novice to expert level.