Android Studio 3.5 Released

Google just announced the next version of its developer IDE Android Studio.

Today at Google IO, Google released the next version of its popular developer IDE Android Studio, i.e., Android Studio 3.5 Beta that is available to download here:
From the announcement: 
For months, the team has been exclusively focused on refining and polishing day-to-day development workflows, with Project Marble. Android Studio 3.5 includes better IDE memory management for large projects, lower typing latency, lint improvements, CPU usage optimizations, layout editor improvements, emulator improvements, build changes, as well as a complete rewrite of Instant Run, now called Apply Changes, that now reliably accelerates the ability to see your code changes on a device - plus over 400 high- priority bug fixes.
Project Marble updates 
  • Project Marble is an Android Studio initiative to significantly improve system health and feature polish, and reduce bugs. Android Studio 3.5 includes many improvements towards this goal, such as the following:
  • Reduced UI latency in the editor window and improved smart editor features when using the Data Binding library
  • Improved build speeds with incremental annotation processing
  • Performance improvements when using the Android NDK
  • Improved Lint check performance by mitigating several memory leaks
  • On Windows, new notification actions to mitigate build speed regressions du to anti-virus software
  • Significantly reduced CPU usage when using the Android Emulator
  • Improved Gradle Sync performance by adjusting for deleted build cache
  • Improved update experience to provide more information and actions to help you update the IDE and the Android Gradle plugin
  • Improved performance and UX with the Layout Editor
  • Some other IDE improvements related to Project Marble are described in further detail below.

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