Android Studio 3.5 Released

Android Studio 3.5 comes with a big number of notable changes in core areas like System Health and Feature Polish

Recently, Google announced the latest and a stable version of Android Studio - Android Studio 3.5. The release is a part of Project Marble, which is an initiative focused on making the fundamental features and flows of Android Studio & Emulator rock-solid considering three core areas: system health, feature polish, and bugs.
The company said it has made many quality changes to Android Studio 3.5.
Starting with 3.5, the IDE will detect if an app project requires more RAM on a machine with higher RAM capacity and will notify you to increase the memory heap size. You can adjust the settings yourself under Appearance & Behavior → Memory Settings.
The company has optimized XML typing and has made typing latency improvements in order to give measurably better performance in the IDE.
3.5 brings many speed improvements including the addition of incremental build support to the top annotation processors including Glide, AndroidX data binding, Dagger, Realm, and Kotlin (KAPT).
In 3.5 the team removed Instant Run and re-architectured and implemented from the ground-up a more practical approach dubbed Apply Changes.
Apply Changes makes use of platform-specific APIs from Android Oreo and higher. It ensures reliable and consistent behavior. As was the case with Instant Run, Apply Changes does not modify your APK.
Android Studio 3.5 has a big number of bug fixes and notable changes in core areas like System Health and Feature Polish.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.