Angry Anna game hits the Web

NEW DELHI: After smart slogans and creative placards - not to forget acerbic graffiti - the ongoing anti-corruption movement led by social activist Anna Hazare has now inspired a free online game.

Named Angry Anna, it is an imitation of the popular game, Angry Birds. Uploaded on Wednesday at 5pm, the site had received over 46,000 hits in the next 24 hours, said Himanshu Himthani, one of the game's three developers.

"Angry Anna" was a top trend on Wednesday on microblogging website Twitter.

In the game, Team Anna members play the part of the birds while the UPA ministers take the hit. The game has four levels. "We couldn't go to Ramlila ground to support Anna. But we figured there were several others like us who are in office. So we thought, why not make a game around the theme because that's what we do," says Himthani of Geek Mentors Studios, a Gurgaon-based game and app developer.

"Lol this is hilarious. Someone made an angry #Anna game," Twitter user Uzairktk posted. Another user suggested, "I think Angry Anna should feature anna as the bird that gets 'fast' when u tap it."

Users also posted about issues of incompatibility with certain browsers and complained of lag in loading. But if those on the streets couldn't be stopped from picketing outside the PM's residence, there was little holding back these electronic catapults.

Source: techgig


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