Angular 2 Beta Launched

AngularJS which is maintained by Google has launched Angular 2 Beta. The company in their official blog states,
“We're ecstatic to announce that we've reached Angular 2 Beta. You can read about many of the improvements over Angular 1 in a recent post. Get started learning Angular 2 now at”
The launch of the Angular 2 Beta would allow most developers to successfully build larger application by using Angular 2. The company states that they have working closely with developer preview and alpha, with numerous large projects, which includes including AdWords, GreenTea (Google's internal CRM system), and Google Fiber. It was just a few weeks back that Google Fiber was launched on new Angular 2 code base.
The company states,
“Get going now with the updated and expanded Quickstart and Tutorial on From there, you can check out several developer guides and a handy cheatsheet covering the main features in Angular 2.”
ngUgrade allows you to mix Angular 2 with your existing Angular 1 application. You can now take advantage of the improved speed and APIs in Angular 2 and restoring components ‘a bit at a time over the course of your release.’
There are some apps which are more sensitive to download size, and you would want to avoid using both Angular 1 and Angular 2 libraries running simultaneously in the app. Hence, for this, you need to use ngForward, which would allow you to write Angular 1 applications in the syntax of Angular 2. This would allow your team to get used Angular 2 conventions and styles in your application. It will also shorten the the distance while fully upgrading to Angular 2.
The company is also working at the final release of Angular 2, which will come with many improvements. Some of the improvements that the company is talking about are present in the official blog. To know more check the official Angular blog.