Angular 4.0.0 Released

Angular version 4.0.0 is now available, with new features and improvements.

Angular version 4.0.0 is now on offer. This is a major release following the announced adoption of Semantic Versioning and it is compatible for the previous versions with 2.x.x for the most Applications.
The company states,
“We are very excited to share this release with the community, as it includes some major improvements and functionality that we have been working on for the past 3 months. We’ve worked hard to make sure that it’s easy for developers to update to this release.”
New improvements made in Angular version 4.0.0 are given below.
  • Smaller & Faster-- In this release, the company has gone on to make Application of Angular smaller and faster.
  • View Engine- In this new version, the company has gone on to make changes under the hood to what AOT generated code resembles. These changes have gone on to dimnish the size of the generated codes for the components by around 60%. The company states, “The more complex your templates are, the higher the savings.”
  • Animation Package- The company informed that they have gone on and pulled animations out of Animation Package @angular/core and into their own package, which means that if you do not go on to use animations, then the extra code will not end up in your production bundles. This change will also go on to allow you an easy access to find documentation, which allows you to take better advantage of autocompletion. You will also be able to add animations yourself to your main NgModule by importing BrowserAnimationsModule from @angular/platform-browser/animations.
For more information, check the official blog.