Angular 6.0 Released

Recently, Angular has released its latest version Angular 6.0.

Today, Angular has released its latest version Angular 6.0. The release is more focused on toolchain rather than focusing on underlying framework.
The company is also synchronizing the major versions of the framework packages such as  -@angular/core, @angular/common, @angular/compiler - to clarify the cross compatibility, with Angular CLI, and Angular Material + CDK.
The company has released a list of changes in the changelog – 
  • ng update
  • ng add
  • Angular Elements
  • Angular Materials + CDK components
  • Angular Material Starter Components
  • CLI Workspaces
  • Library Support
  • Tree Shakable Providers
  • Animations Performance Improvements
  • RxJS v6
  • Long Term Support (LTS)
To update to 6.0.0, you can visit here
Source: Angular
The company has also mentioned about the new initiative, Ivy stating –
“At ng-conf we mentioned a new initiative called Ivy - Our next generation rendering pipeline. Ivy is currently under active development and is not part of the 6.0 release. We will announce an opt-in preview of Ivy as soon as it is ready in the coming months.”
You can get the full list of features and bug fixes at the on the GitHub.
To learn more about Angular 6.0.0 release and get the details of each feature, do visit the official Angular Blog.