Angular 8 Released With Preview Of Ivy

Angular 8 rolled out with a preview of Ivy, service worker support, differential loading and more.

The Angular team has rolled out a major release of its mobile and desktop framework. Angular 8 is finally released and includes a preview of Ivy, service worker support, differential loading, support for TypeScript 3.4, and more.
Source: Angular 
Ivy is a big piece of news the Angular world has been waiting for.
With Angular 8, a preview version of Ivy is available for testing. For now, the team has brought this version to receive early feedback. Therefore, the Angular team recommends not using Ivy for production just yet, but to rather to continue using the classic view engine.
One significant feature is the addition of differential loading by default. Differential loading allows browsers to choose between modern or legacy JavaScript based on its requirement and capabilities. Now, having this by default, users will automatically get the necessary bundle.
For CPU-intensive processing applications, the Angular has introduced web worker support for offloading work to the background such as image or video manipulation.
There is a new API Builders, in the CLI that enables tooling developers to replace the behavior of CLI commands such as build and test.
New support for EcmaScript dynamic import for lazy loading of routes will align Angular with the JavaScript specification and make any application more compatible with tooling.
To see a complete list of updates you can visit the changelog here.