Angular Language Service For Visual Studio Announced

Angular Language Service Extension for Visual Studio provides Angular code completions, Angular Diagnostic messages, and Quick Info.

Recently, Microsft announced Angular Language Service for Visual Studio.
Angular Language Service lays the foundation to provide things like auto-completion, rename, and more across editors. The extension will bring in Angular code completions, Angular Diagnostic messages and Quick Info for Visual Studio.
You can download the extension via the Visual Studio Marketplace.
Source: Microsoft
Once you have the extension downloaded, you can open an Angular project in Visual Studio and build the solution. Users will know that the Extension is working by viewing their Output Window, which would bring two additional options in the drop-down window. Angular Language Service and Angular Language Service Extension.
The first one is the output of the extension when it is active and working within a file. Angular Language Service Extension is the output from Visual Studio when it is loading up the extension. Users will not see much output from this option once the extension is up and running.