Angular v6.1 Released

Recently, Angular has released its latest version 6.1. This release is a drop-in replacement for 6.0 with new bug fixes and features.
Source: Angular
The company has also shared some updates -
Router Scroll Position Restoration
Now with this new release developers can now configure the router for remembering and restoring the scroll position to navigate around the application.
Source: Angular
ShadowDOM v1 View Encapsulation
The new version allows you to connect your CSS to the components they're defined within, naming it View Encapsulation. Within your component decorator, you may now exchange the View Encapsulation to use ShadowDOM v1.
Source: Angular 
Schematics Chaining
The company has progressed the way that you can chain Schematics by means of adding support for returning a Rule from a present Rule. This permits developers to more dynamically determine the set of guidelines to follow while designing Schematics.
You can find the complete list of bug fixes and latest feature on GitHub and release notes. 
To learn more, you can go through the official blog.