Anonymous hackers mavericks threaten to “Kill” Facebook

Anonymous, a group of notorious hacker revealed a message on Wednesday through a YouTube video that "Operation Facebook" would take place on November 5 to destroy the social network for supposedly abusing the privacy of users.

An Anonymous spokesman told AFP that even heads of the group were uncertain how seriously to take the threat since the loosely-knit organization doesn't have a strict command structure and members mask their identities. He said,"I found groups of people who say we absolutely are and have a trick up our sleeves”. The video displayed a gray image of the Anonymous logo as a digitally masked voice announced a plan to destroy Facebook and called for others to join in the cyber attack.

The video accused Facebook of holding onto the data people post in accounts and of even sharing some of it with law enforcement agencies. A message on an "Anonops" account at microblogging service Twitter acknowledged that some members of the group were organizing a Facebook attack but that didn't mean the sentiment was unanimous.

The Anonymous spokesman said, "This could be as dumb as one person making a video or as big as someone having already broken into the Facebook network". Hubris and Asherah of startup Backtrace Security condemned Anonymous for "bully behavior" and argued that the group was trying to pass of reckless opportunism as Internet-age activism.

"When Anonymous started it was a good idea," Asherah said during what exploded into a fiery session at the infamous DefCon hacker get-together. "They have become the monsters they are claiming to fight against," she said. "If anonymous wants to be taken as a legitimate activist group they need to excise the bullies and the jerks."














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