Apache Dubbo Graduates To Top-Level Project (TLP)

Apache Dubbo graduates from the Apache Incubator to a Top-Level Project (TLP).

Recently, The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) declared Apache Dubbo as a Top-Level Project (TLP).
Apache Dubbo Project is a Java based RPC framework, initially developed at Alibaba and later was open-sourced(in 2011), and entered the Apache Incubator in February 2018.
The Dubbo framework specifies the methods that can be called remotely across distributed and microservice systems. The core functionalities include interface based remote call; fault tolerance and load balancing; as well as automatic service registration and discovery.
Source: dubbo.apache.org 
"Congratulations on Dubbo's promotion to an Apache Top-Level Project. As a core component of service, Dubbo has a profound impact and is one of the best choices for service architecture,...We have learned a lot from Dubbo's design and implementation. I believe that it can develop in a more quick and stable way after graduation and become the cornerstone of future microservice architecture." noted Xiaofan Yu, Architecture of NetEase Cloud Music.
Apache Dubbo software is released under the Apache License v2.0. For downloads or to become involved with the project, you can visit http://dubbo.apache.org/.