Apple Acquired Topsy For $200M: A Move To Access Twitter Data

Apple has bought social media analytics firm Topsy labs, a San Francisco-based company for over $200 million, reports The Wall Street Journal. As per the WSJ this acquisition could be useful for iTunes Radio although the purpose is not clear why Apple acquired Topsy.

Topsy is a California based company and which maintain a comprehensive index of tweets. Basically it’s a certified partner with Twitter. Topsy products also include search and analyze trends on social websites like Twitter and Google+. Along with this, Topsy also works as a search engine, it allows users to search Twitter results by authority and relevance.

Apple has confirmed the deal but didn’t disclose the specifics, and Topsy hasn't provided any additional information. Apple confirmed the deal using the typical familiar statement that it releases when buying smaller companies. "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple made a total of 15 acquisitions during fiscal 2013.

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