Apple Acquires Israel’s RealFace For Facial Recognition Technology

Apple has recently acquired startup RealFace, a cybersecurity and machine learning firm from Israel, specializing in facial recognition technology. The Times of Israel has reported that the Tel Aviv based company, which was founded in 2014, has been bought by Apple for an estimated $2 million.
The website of RealFace is currently offline, however, according to the promotional material, the startup has developed quite a unique facial recognition technology which integrates artificial intelligence and “brings back human perception to digital processes". The RealFace software has been said to use proprietary IP in the field of frictionless face recognition, which allows rapid learning from facial features.
The Israeli startup has also developed a now-defunct app known as Pickeez, which chooses and collated the best picture of the user across various platforms, using the RealFace recognition software.
As per the ongoing iPhone 8 rumors, Apple might go on to remove the Touch ID along with the physical home button, in favor of the facial recognition-capable front facing 3D laser scanner, even thought the RealFace acquisition came much later, however, it might be quite unlikely that the startup’s technology will be featured.
The RealFcae is the fourth Israel-based firm acquired by Apple. In 2011, the company acquired flash memory maker Anobit; in 2013, it acquired 3D sensor company PrimeSense; and in 2015, it acquired Linx.

Seems like Apple has found some real friends in Israel, doesn't it?