Apple Announces iOS 6

Apple Announces iOS 6

Today, Apple announced the new version of iOS, iOS 6 that will be coming this fall. With many new features and improved services, iOS 6 makes your iPhone even much better. iOS is compatible with iPhone 3GS and both versions of iPhone 4. It also supports iPad 2.

So what is new in iOS 6?

Siri gets more power

Siri has become one of the most popular features of iPhone 4S. Do you wonder what Siri has been doing when she wasn’t busy? She went to college. She travelled the world and learned several new languages. Siri also went to many games and now provides sports answers. Now with iOS 6, Siri even gets smarter and more powerful. With more knowledge and data access, Siri now can even let you find and reserve restaurants.

Improved Maps; Throw away your navigation system now

Improved Maps are vector-based that gives users more detailed zoom levels, panning and better street and address views. Maps also integrate the visual and speak features so you can ditch your navigation.

Facebook Integration

Facebook is now integrated in iOS so there is no need to leave your iOS to launch a new app.

Share Photos

A new share feature now lets you just share selected photos with other users.

Facetime over mobile

In the current version, you need WiFi to do Facetime. Now in the new iOS, Facetime is possible over your wireless service.

Better phone service

Now your phone will let you do more. You can send voicemail and do more things while on the phone and much more. 

Better browser experience

Improved mail services