Apple Announces Open Source Framework CareKit

After the introduction of ResearchKit, Apple has now announced an open source framework for health professionals to build apps for assisting patients in keeping track of their treatments. The framework, named CareKit, was introduced at the Apple's spring launch event today.
However, Apple also introduced the following much-awaited devices and releases,
CareKit was introduced by Apple's COO Jeff Williams, he gave an insight into ResearchKit and CareKit,
Image: Apple COO, Jeff Williams introducing CareKit 
Apple introduced the CareKit app for patients to track the medicines they need to take on a daily basis. Yes, and this is possible with a ‘Care Card’. After tracking, the patients can then send that information and health updates to their doctors. After that, the doctor can update the treatments and medicine in the app. 
This surely proves Apple is getting more involved in health care and medical research and after some minor issues, the initial attempts towards health care gave positive reviews to Apple's ResearchKit.
Research Kit and CareKit  both are open sourced and look forward to bonding doctors and patients further for treatments.
CareKit will be available in April, 2016.