Apple Announces tvOS Enhancements

Apple has announced new features to tvOS for Apple TV at WWDC 2016. The enhanced features include Siri enhancements, Live Tune-In, Single Sign-On, etc.

Apple has announced new features to tvOS for Apple TV at WWDC 2016. With that, the company also announced new macOS Sierra and watchOS 3.
Here are the improvements to tvOS:
Siri search enhanced 
Searching with Siri on the fourth-gen Apple TV has improved, now Siri will be able to search YouTube contents. Siri can also search the iTunes Store through specific topics.
Live Tune-In
This is another new feature coming to Siri with the others mentioned above. Live Tune-In will allow users to ask to play live TV.  Let's say you want to watch ESPN, for that you can say “watch ESPN” and the live stream of the channel will begin to play.
Single Sign-On
Currently, users have to sign in separately for each different network app, but Single-Sign-On is a new feature for users to sign-in once and have access to all of their network apps.
New tvOS APIs and tools available for developers
  • ReplayKit: Enables developers to record and play live broadcasts from their apps,
  • PhotoKit: Allows third-party app access to photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Shared Stream,
  • HomeKit: This is to to create apps to control HomeKit devices from Apple TV.
The new tvOS will be available this fall as a free software update for Apple TV and for developers it will available from today at