Apple Asks App-makers To Position Its Login Button As Top Option

Apple has asked app-makers to put Its sign-in button above google and facebook.

Apple has asked developers to position a new - Sign on with Apple - button in iPhone and iPad apps above buttons from Google and Facebook, in the latest Apple design guidelines.
This move is taken to give Apple, the prime placement, and is significant since users often use the default or top option on apps.
The company unveiled its login button on Monday, emphasizing users’ privacy and also introducing a feature that generates a random email address in order to avoid revealing the person’s true email.
When signing in to independent apps using accounts from Google or Facebook, the login buttons can send some data back to their makers about the user’s app habits.
The company said, that Apple has been seeking to give users a more private option and developers a way to offer a fast one-step login without sending their user’s data to another company.
Now, this can be accomplished by Apple's login button, which now will be mandatory as an option for users in apps that support third-party sign-in when it is commercially available later this year.
Though Apple’s button also works on websites, its use is not mandatory because Apple does not want to hold review power over websites, but Apple’s guidelines still ask it to be given top placement if it is used.