Apple bought two mapping companies: HopStop and Locationary

Apple has bought HopStop, a public transit app which shows users in hundreds of cities how to get to and fro via public transit, reports The Verge.

HopStop supports over 700 transit agencies across seven countries. In April, the company launched HopStop Live! for iPhone — providing users with crowdsourced real-time updates on delays or service changes.

HopStop is one of the best transit apps for iOS and this acquisition is perfectly timed for a new and improved Apple Maps to launch alongside iOS 7 this fall.

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed the acquisition on Friday, saying “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.”

When Apple Maps was introduced as part of iOS 6 last fall, it was very noticeably missing public transportation directions only car and walking directions are available. As a compromise, Apple Maps will direct users to a different app that provides public transportation.

This isn’t the first Maps-related acquisition Apple has made. Earlier on Friday, Apple acquired Locationary: a croudsourced location data company.