Apple Cuts Lengthy Review Time For Mobile App Submission

According to Bloomberg, Apple has drastically cut it lengthy review times for mobile app submission to its App Store from more than a week to fewer than two days.
The shorter review period will help developers make improvements to their apps more quickly than before, providing the latest software faster and also testing new features more frequently.
The company has been trying to balance app security and speed so as to keep  developers pleased. The lengthier review process helps in preventing malicious, copyright-infringing, or subpar apps from appearing on the App Store for downloading. However, this is quite a exasperatingly slow process for developers who wish to have the flexibility to build as well as update their apps quicker and also more frequently.
However, it is really important for the tech company to ensure that this shortened review period does not effect or compromise on security as well as user safety.
The review period reduction which the company had made will help them to generate more revenue for its service segment. Apple is most likely banking on the idea that by shortening the period will help in facilitating better and more marketable apps, and at the same time it will position the App Store competitively with Google Play’s speedy review.
If developers are able to update their apps more frequently and also add new features after receiving the feedback then chances are that it will potentially increase the un-app revenue of which a 30 percent cut is taken by the company.
However, the probability is that the app developers will have to deal with several other problems even with this new change.
Cutting through the overcrowded app market is quite critical for any app developer who is looking to build a viable user base. There are about three million apps which are available in the world’s five largest app stores. For an app to gain success, it is really important to deliver the right product to the audience at the right time.

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