Apple Hardware Update This Year To Mainly Focus On Power Users

It appears that Apple is mainly focusing at big spenders and power users, as per the inside information, which had been posted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The latest updates to the iPad MacBook Air and Pro and Thunderbolt display has been expected to be launched soon.
It seems that the pendulum is swinging in the other direction right after last year’s move towards a simple iPhone SE and minimalist MacBook; Apple intends to lure “pro” users, who might have been tempted by the highly proficient Surface Book.
MacBook is quite certainly due for a refresh and the Air is quite outdated, when you compare it with the new models. However, as per the earlier reports, which has been repeated quite often in Gurman’s pieces, goes on to suggest a slim body retaining numerous ports and gain an OLED dynamic function row, in place of the useful but rather out of date F-keys. The Air will also gain a USB-C and spec bump, however with the possibility of no retina display.
These is most probably going to be shipped this year, itself, as early as October, but it might not make it to the announcement coming on September 7. However, Gurman goes on to suggest that the September 7 , announcement might only be restricted to the latest iPhone and the redesigned Apple Watch with built-in GPS along with health-tracking features, available in iOS 10.
The rumors had been going on for quite some time now, regarding the possibility of a 5K Thunderbolt display with its own GPU, in order to help push pixels. However, it has never gone on to be emerged. It may, however soon be alongside the new Macs. This particular LG collaboration would be directly aimed at photo and video editors, who do not want to slum it with an iMac.
iPad Pro, which came with a mixed review, as it had been both mocked and loved will go on to get further improvements, so as to get stylus input, whether in hardware, software or both is quite unclear at the moment. Whatever might be the case, the artist and others, who have gone on to welcome the crossover device will surely be appreciating this new update.