Apple Introduces iMessage App Store With Several iMessage Apps, Games, And Sticker Packs

Currently, Super Mario Run iMessage sticker pack has been introduced to iOS 10 users, and now, Apple has gone on to launch an entire iMessage App Store. The iMessage App Store features sticker packs from various companies, like Disney, Bandai Namco, Sanrio and many others.
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Along with the sticker packs, the iMessage App Store also features iMessage apps and games. Numerous apps which were unveiled during WWDC 2016 keynotes are now available, such as Square Cash, OpenTable, and JibJab.
Some of the apps available are standalone iMessage apps, while others are the extensions of the apps which are already available in the main App Store. You will be able to tell which apps are extensions when the regular app is downloaded on the Home Screen. The standalone apps do not have any primary app and live exclusively in the iMessage App Store.
Sticker packs will most probably work in a similar manner. The stickers which are now extensions of apps and standalone stickers can easily be created, without the requirement to code anything. In order to differentiate the various types of apps and sticker packs, you will see an “Only for iMessage” note on top of the Details tab available on the description page of the Apps.
The Disney Stickers, currently available, are - Frozen, Mickey & Friends, Stitch, Finding Dory, Beauty and the Beast, Inside Out, The Lion King, and Star Wars.
Each of the sticker packs is now available for $1.99, and despite the price, it seems that these new stickers are going to be extremely popular. Most of the Disney packs are animated and it includes a nice handful of stickers to select from. For example, the Star Wars Sticker Packs, include 21-high quality animated stickers, which can easily be peeled and pasted on the conversation bubbles or you can also send it as standalone replies. You can also peel and paste stickers directly on the photos.