Apple Introduces Offer Codes

Apple says the feature will help you acquire, retain, and win back subscribers.

Apple is bringing a change to how subscriptions work. Developers will now be able to offer subscriptions via a new feature - 'offer codes'.
Offer codes are one-time use codes that can be used digitally or printed out for use at offline events. Offer codes will enable developers to more easily distribute either free or discounted subscriptions to customers.
Well, now developers will be able to choose from one of three different pricing options for the new codes, which can be set to the duration the developer wants. The free offer code allows subscribers to access the service without charge for a specific trial period. The pay-as-you-go offer allows the subscribers to pay a discount during each billing period for a specific duration. The third option is the pay-up-front offer, which allows subscribers to pay a one-time price for a specific duration.
You can distribute offer codes however you choose using online and offline channels. You can provide offer codes via email, give them out at events, or provide them alongside a physical product.
You will have to determine customer eligibility while configuring offer codes in App Store Connect. When new subscribers are eligible, you will also decide whether or not they can redeem an offer code in addition to an introductory offer.
Source: Apple
These offer codes expire after a maximum of six months from the day of creation. Your customers can redeem only one code per offer, but can redeem multiple offers for a single subscription, depending on your configuration choices.
Customers on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and later are eligible to redeem offer codes on the App Store, via a one-time code redemption URL. They can also redeem from within your app if you have implemented the presentCodeRedemptionSheet API.