Apple iTunes To Launch “Spoken Editions” Of Publishers Content Soon

If you prefer listening to the news more than reading, then you will soon have a new way of doing so, via iTunes, as per Techcrunch. Soon, you will be able to browse through several of the podcasts, mainly focused on turning media publisher’s articles as well as news into audio content, dubbed “Spoken Editions.”
On iTunes, podcasts branded “Spoken Edition” will be a short-form programs which provides the listeners with an audio version of the publisher’s written content. This means that you would now be able to “read” your favorite website or hear the news when you are doing other things, such as taking your dog for a walk, working out at the gym or commuting to work.
During the early tests on iTunes, Spoken Editions for numerous media brands showed up.
Wired, for example will soon go on to launch Spoken Edition for “Business,” “Science” and its homepage. TIME will soon go on to offer a Spoken Edition known as “The Brief.” Forbes, .Mic, Bustle, Playboy, OZY, along withTechCrunch, has gone on to discover while browsing the iTunes page that it will have Spoken Editions, and it seems that it has just popped up for sometime on the iTunes.
The links to all the publishers’ Spoken English have since then been pulled, after the discovery has been made by Techcrunch.
For larger publishers, such as Wired, iTunes ahs also gone on to break out the Spoken Editions into their own section – “Top Spoken Editions” which can be found below the “Top Episodes.”
This indicates that iTunes itself will be redesigned for a better surface, in this particular type of audio content for users.
One company which is helping to get publishers ready for Spoken Editions is SpokenLayer.
When you click through the Spoken Edition podcast descriptions, it has been noticed that they had been powered by SpokenLayer. This does not, however, imply an Apple partnership, but is important to notice that the iTunes platforms is currently open to several podcasting networks as well as publishers, so as to move their content into this particular format more efficiently. However, Apple at the same time is getting iTunes ready to feature this content as indicated by the early tests.
Launched in 2012, SpokenLayer offers audio creation, distribution and monetization services to media brands. The company at the moment powers podcasts for a numerous publishers, including Forbes, Huffington Post, TIME, Reuters, Smithsonian, Scripps and others. Those recordings are then distributed on platforms such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, AudioBoom and Live365.
The Spoken Editions will also go on to include audio ads, where revenue is shared between the publisher as well as SpokenLayer.
While text – to-speech audio recordings are not something new to the podcasting industry, and the way in which SpokenLayer approaches this particular process is quite interesting. The company has gone on to develop a proprietary ecosystem which involves ingesting the written word, then go on t turn that into audio content which quite literally has gone on to become the “voice” of the brand.
SpokenLayer CEO Will Mayo, who has gone on to decline to talk about the Spoke Editions in particular, however he had broadly spoke about this company as well as technology works. He states,
“We have a distributed network of voice-over talent that is tagged and managed. We make sure Wired sounds like Wired and any other publication sounds like those publications. The voice and style of any brand is in its writers and the reporting it does. That’s unique for every publication, and that uniqueness is honored.”
The move to feature this kind of “text-comes-to-life” content arrives at the time, when there is an increased interest in podcasting and audio in general. Voice computing is currently a huge as well as growing trend, and Apple in fact is being rumored to be working on a competitor for Amazon Alexa, which would easily go on to deliver these “Spoken Editions” into consumers’ homes.
There are around 25,000 active podcasts, now, with 12 million episodes of audio, video, and documents, which include content in over 100 languages. Based on current consumption year to date, customers are on the pace so as to listen to record 10 billion podcast episodes via iOS, iTunes and tvOS devices in 2016.
Currently, companies are looking so as to make podcast listen to more of a daily rather than weekly or monthly activity.
Spoken Editions will roll out in early October, at which point we would be able to have a fuller list of participating publishers.

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