Apple Launches iOS 10.3 Beta With Cricket Scores And Find My Airpods

Apple has currently launched its latest iOS 10.3 Beta update and with this new update, you will now be able to locate your new Apple wireless headphones by using “Find My iPhone” app. This will come as a relief to most users, without a doubt. This app will allow you to play a sound on one or both the AirPods so that you can easily find them.
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However, it is important for you to know that it still relies on the iPad and iPhone which you are using, along with the Bluetooth so as to find your location and show the place where you last had them. "Find My iPhone" helps in locating the headphones within the Bluetooth range of any of the iOS devices which has been signed to iCloud. If your AirPods are somewhere near those devices, then the device’s location will show you the exact location where you need to start looking for the AirPods.
However, if your AirPods are nowhere within the Bluetooth range of any of the iOS devices which you use, then either they need to be recharged or they are  in the closed AirPod case. "Find My iPhone" will show you the exact location where your AirPods were last connected with the iOS devices.
The all new iOS 10.3 beta update also brings in some new features, which includes that now you will be able to ask Siri for cricket scores and stats of the Indian Premier League as well as for International Cricket Council.
The third-party payment app developers will now be able to integrate Siri in order to be able to pay as well as check the status of the bills. The ride-booking apps will still be able to call Siri to schedule a ride. The maps now support EV charging. The 3D Touch which is now present in the weather icon in Maps brings you an update of the latest weather forecast every hour.
With this new update, now all you need to do is tap on the iMessage app icon in order to display it, while the HomeKit will add support for programmable switch accessories.