Apple Most Probably Aiming For Late October Launch For Redesigned MacBook Pro

The current launch of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 has been dominating Apple news for quite some time; however, attention is now being given to the Mac line up, which has been in need of updates for quite a while. With the rapidly approaching holiday shopping season, rumors suggest that Apple is preparing to update several of its Mac lines before the year ends, led by a redesigned MacBook Pro, which is rumored to be ready for launch by  October.
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According to MacRumors, Apple is moving rapidly towards a launch of its new MacBook Pro models, with the company’s current development work on macOS 10.12.1 largely focusing on preparing the operating system, so as to support the hardware’s latest update features, rumored by several sources to include Touch ID support along with OLED “touch bar”, which might replace the current row of function keys across the top of the keyboard. It is also being said that Apple might be shifting to “Polaris” graphic chips from AMD on the higher end 15-inch models.
It seems that Apple is currently planning to send one more beta version of macOS 10.12.1 for the developer as well as public beta testing next week, with the aim of finalizing the software update by the end of the week, so that it can be loaded onto the new hardware, which is currently being produced by Apple’s supply chain partners.
However, there are possibilities that the timeline could easily change at the last moment, in case of last-minute bugs or other circumstances; however, if it’s true, it seems that Apple might have its new MacBook Pro models ready to be shipped to the customers, sometime in the second half of October, 2016, according to MacRumours.
As per MacRumours, with the main focus on preparing for the latest MacBook Pro models and with the need to stick to the aggressive timeline, it seems that Apple is putting off all but the most critical bug fixes as well as security patches beyond macOS 10.12.1. The less crucial fixes will be incorporated into the macOS 10.12.2 update, which it seems that Apple is aiming for, so as to begin sending to the developers around late October with the main aim of public release in late November.
Along with the redesigned MacBook Pro models, Apple is rumored to be launching updated MacBook Air models with USB-C ports along with new iMacs with AMD graphics chips before the end of the year. It is however, quite unclear, if all three lines will be updated together and if the company will hold a media event in order to introduce the hardware or if it will opt for a more low-key introduction through the press release.
Finally, Apple is supposedly working with LG on a new 5K external display, so as to replace the discontinued Apple Thunderbolt Display, even though the timeframe for that particular product is yet to include any word about Mac Pro and Mac mini, which remain in significant need of the updates.

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