Apple Patent lets you sell used Digital goods

Apple has filed a patent application for technology which suggests that Apple may be considering allowing customers to resell or lend iTunes Store content to other users in the same way they might sell a physical book, music CD or movie DVD, reports CNET.

The patent application, entitled “Managing access to digital content items”, was filed last year but has only now been published by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Apple’s patent accounts for transfers can take place either through the original content provider’s store, or openly among users. In the method where an online store wouldn’t be involved, the user devices themselves determine when an item can and can’t be sold based on criteria put into place by the original publisher i.e., a movie can’t be sold for after 60 days release time, and must carry a minimum price tag of $5, and no percent of commission on the sale is transferred to either the online store or the material’s publishers.

Apple's system is alike to one defined in a separate patent previously approved to Amazon. 
The patent covers gifting and loan as well as resale, and outlines an option for the content publisher to receive a cut in return for granting rights to transfer the content. The patent is very detailed and full of specific information regarding reselling and loaning digital content, which might mean that Apple is nearly ready to make this service available to consumers in a future iTunes update.


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