Apple Reduces MacBook Pro Price by $200

Finally, Apple’s processor is heating up and feeling the heat from its smaller but faster and cheaper rivals. To compete with pricing and technology, Apple has cut the price of its 13-inch MacBook Pro by $200 and has updated its processors and memory.

Apple announced today that the MacBook Pro with "Retina" display and 128 GB of flash memory will now cost only $1,499. The original price was $1,699. There is a new model with 256 GB of flash that will be $1,699.

Apple also reduced the price of its 13-inch MacBook Air with 256 GB flash memory to $1,299 from $1,399.

In addition, the 15-inch MacBook Pro has a faster 2.4 GHz quad-core processor, while the top-end 15-inch notebook will have a 2.7 GHz quad-core processor.

Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro models last fall. It has flash memory instead of the traditional hard drive, which makes it thinner and lighter.

Apple laptop and computer sales have been declining recently due to economy, pricing and completion.  

The price of Apple laptops are still higher than other competitors and there are many options available in the market. Another factor could be that Microsoft’s Surface Pro is not only a Tablet but also a laptop with Windows 8 Pro loaded on it. 

In today's age, while most laptops have 500GB+ space and 8GB RAM, Apple is still way behind other manufacturers. 


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