Apple Releases iOS 9.3.5 To Patch Security Errors

Apple released iOS version 9.3.5, which comes with patches for the security vulnerability, which was a part of the previous versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.
According to mobile security startup Lookout, it discovered the vulnerability in association with the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab and has gone on to collaborate with Apple in order to fix it. Lookout is encouraging people to install the latest update immediately, so as to prevent the attacks from what the company callsTrident.
Lookout and Citizen Lab said in a blog post states,
“The attack sequence, boiled down, is a classic phishing scheme: send text message, open web browser, load page, exploit vulnerabilities, install persistent software to gather information. This, however, happens invisibly and silently, such that victims do not know they’ve been compromised.”
You can easily download the latest update here.