Apple Rumored To Launch New Macs On October 27 Event

If the rumors to be believed, Apple is planning on introducing new Macs at the event which is to be held on October 27.
This move had been expected for a long time, especially when the company released MacOS Sierra last month; however, it is yet to be introduced in any of the new computer models sporting the software. Apple is introducing the new products right on time for the holiday season.
Apple has gone a long time with making any major changes to any of its Mac models, with most experts encouraging customers to hold off purchases until the lineup has been updated. There is also an ongoing rumor that the latest MacBook Pro will come with a row of customized touchscreen keys.
Sierra adds support for Apple’s Siri voice assistant along with the ability to copy and paste between iOS and MacOS devices.
It is being expected that the Mac event would take place at or near Apple’s Cupertino campus rather than in San Francisco, where Apple has held several recent events, including the announcement of iPhone 7.
It seems like quite a busy week, as Apple has it earning reports on Tuesday, Microsoft is holding a Windows 10 hardware event in New York on Wednesday and the new Macs are expected to make a debut on Thursday.
Apple has, however, declined to comment. Still, the MacBook lovers should hold their breathe because there will definitely be some new features to amaze all of us. Hope for the best !!!