Apple Rumored To Remove Physical Buttons From iPhone 8

According to Patently Apple, the upcoming iPhone 8 will most probably come without any physical buttons. The physical buttons might be replaced by virtual controls. There has been an ongoing rumor that iPhone 8 will be an all-glass device with an OLED panel.
iPhone 8 is expected to come with a fingerprint sensor along with a home button under the glass, we yet do not know how comfortable that would be to use, but chances are that it will not take too long to adapt to this new expected change, which Apple might bring.
It was Patently Apple that spotted this filing,  which was available in Apple’s last batch of patent applications. Along with this, there are numerous other patent applications for foldable displays along with the other filings and it’s really exciting.
So far, all we know is that the upcoming iPhone 8 will come with a dual-camera, an OLED panel for display, an all glass exterior, wireless charging support and a combination of home-button/ TouchID sensor under the front glass.
It seems like the latest and the most awaited iPhone 8 is shaping quite well to become the most interesting device, which Apple will be releasing almost after 3 years. Let’s wait and watch how the new iPhone 8 actually turns out.