Apple Still Working On Wireless Inductive Charging

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is still working on wireless charging.
The Application goes on to cover the polishing techniques for cylindrical as well as contoured surfaces. However, as Patently Apple has observed, the filing also goes on to provide the detail for the ways in which to create space for an inductive charging coil. The use of this has been illustrated quite a few times in the Application.
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The charging station has also been described as having a port for the USB-C type connector cable, which might be used to power the device; the energy would come from the main powers or from a laptop.
The patent Application is being said to be filed in Q3, which suggests that Apple is currently continuing to work on its wireless charging options. This technology has existed for a few years now and it has already been seen in various other devices of different manufacturers, such as Nokia, LG, Samsung and Blackberry.
However, despite the age, it has seen quite a bit of changes and it is quite nice to own, but it is not as smooth and as good as the wired charging and it might be possible that not many people will use it. However, a few people might get swayed in their purchasing decision.
This should not really matter as Apple is quite famous for popularizing their products. If however, it goes on to make inductive charging which will not only be good to look at, but will also work well and will come with improved speed and efficiency then nothing will be able to stop it from entering the mainstream market, because, where iPhone leads, other devices just follow.

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