Apple To Start Removing Abandoned Apps From The App Store

Apple is removing all its abandoned apps from the app store. The company has sent an Email to its developer community, which indicates that there will soon be a few changes in the app store. If an app is no longer working or if it is outdated, Apple will go on to remove it from the app store. It’s about time, that Apple cleans up its app store.
The Company states,
“To make it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs, we want to ensure that apps available on the App Store are functional and up-to-date. We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.”
Earlier, Apple kept on mentioning numerous apps, with vanity metrics, as it is practically impossible that anyone would install millions of apps. However, this did not stop Apple, who went on to share new numbers. As of June 2016, there are around 2 million iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad and these apps have been downloaded 130 billion times, since the launch of app store in 2008.
However, several of these apps available in the app store do not work or have never been downloaded. Also, millions of apps were most probably built on the older version of iOS and they have never been updated. Hence, it seems that, this is the right time to improve app store discovery. It will also be quite interesting to see, if the number of apps available in the app store will be going down drastically.
Apple states,
“We will begin the process of reviewing and removing apps from the App Store on September 7, 2016.”
For more information, check here.
Given below is a copy of the Email, Apple sent to its developer community, which has been provided by Techcrunch

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