Apple’s new Java update released, uninstall old Apple-provided Java applet

Apple releases new Java 6 updates with enhanced security fixes, uninstalls the old Apple Java applet plug-in

On Tuesday, Apple released the updated version for Java 6 known as Java for OS X 2013-005. According to this blog post, the update brings additional improvements to security, reliability, and compatibility. This update is only for Java 6, which is distributed by Apple whereas Java 7 is available through Oracle.

Apple’s support page explains the software update, it notes that multiple vulnerabilities in the previous version of Java were repaired. “This update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plug-in from all web browsers. To use applets on a web page, click on the region labeled "Missing plug-in" to go download the latest version of the Java applet plug-in from Oracle.”

According to Apple, separate updates are available for both OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion/Mountain Lion, which can be downloaded from Mac App Store or through Apple’s software download site. The update is available for Mac OS X v10.6.8, Mac OS X Server v10.6.8, OS X Lion v10.7 or later, OS X Lion Server v10.7 or later and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or later.