Apple's New Patent Hints A Next-Generation iPhone On The Way

According to the patent granted recently, Apple’s rumored iPhone might most probably come with an OLED screen full of holes. The patent has earlier been spotted by Apple Insider, and it covers a range of OLEDs on flexible surface, arranged with small gaps between them. These gaps will help in transmitting information to light camera or sensor under the screen. It would also go on to enable speakers, notification lights, or a second screen under the first one. They would also go on to form a “window” which would allow users to directly view through the phone to other objects, as the screen go on to provide information.
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Patents is not an indication that the company is building something, they are most often padded with details which goes on to cover all the possible bases. Let us take an example, if Apple feels that it is a good idea to put screen inside a screen, then the company has gone on to patent some concept which are completely different, and quite unlikely, just like the display which wraps all the way around a phone.
However, this kind of display might go on to solve some simple, non-silly problems, such as, where will the front facing camera be placed, on this bezel-less phone.
We yet do not know, if Apple will use this particular concept on any of its upcoming iPhone. However, we are already looking forward to the features which iPhone 8 will bring along.